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DCSAA Tennis Championships set to take place May 16-19 at SE Tennis & Learning

By Josh Barr, 05/16/22, 1:15PM EDT


DCSAA Girls Tennis Singles Bracket

With today's forecast for severe weather, the schedule for the DCSAA Tennis Championships has been adjusted. Today's play will be girls singles only. We will play two rounds starting with play from the top left of the draw and working our way through until the second round is complete. Please be sure your players are present and ready to play at 245 pm.


While we planned to have outdoor courts available for warming up prior to the start of play, indoor warmups will be dependent on court availability.


Here is the schedule for the rest of the week:

Tuesday: Boys singles first and second round, starting at 245. Girls singles quarterfinals, starting after the boys' first round (first matches likely at 330 pm). Boys doubles and girls doubles first round, likely starting at 415 pm or later.

Wednesday: Boys singles quarterfinals and semifinals, starting at 245. Girls singles semifinals, starting at 245. Boys doubles quarterfinals and semifinals. Girls singles quarterfinals and semifinals. Note: If doubles players are not participating in singles, doubles play will begin at 245 -- this will be determined after play is complete Tuesday.

Thursday: Championships at 245 (doubles will follow singles completion if a player is in both singles/doubles finals).


Note that after the 245 start each date, the match times are approximate and players should be ready to play sooner if a court is available and their match is called.


Please let us know if you have any questions.